Restaurant Owners and Managers:

Welcome to The Prefect Server’s waitstaff training page. Here you will learn general information about getting your waitstaff professionally trained.

How Do Restaurants Get Their Staff Trained? 

Two Options: 

•      Best Option:    Schedule our company to come out and train your 
        entire waitstaff at your restaurant at one time. Then you send     
        your newly individual hires to our monthly training class. 

•       Second Option:     Skip the mass training and start sending 
         your new individual hires or current employees who you feel 
         are lacking in waitstaff protocol to our monthly waitstaff training 

Cost for Restaurants:

•       The restaurant can required the new hire to pay all cost for 
         this training as a condition of being hired or the restaurant 
         may bear the cost of training for their new hires or current

Price is based on the number of waitstaff included in the mass
         training. The the fee is $25 per person. All trained waitstaff will
         receive a certification certificate.

       The fee for individuals sent to our monthly training classes from      
         your restauant is $25 per person.

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(For additional information, please see training 101 and certification)