The Perfect Server is an online training company that specializes in training wait staff in customer service and standard wait staff procedures. Our online manual will prepare individuals entering the wait staff field and refines the skills of wait staff already employed in the restaurant industry.

For restaurants: Our training is geared towards any restaurant, large or small. Including: Fine dining, sports bars, family restaurants, and even caters. We can train your staff in person or your staff can sign up online and take the course at their convenience. Either way, our training will increase your restaurant's revenue! Great service always brings customers back!

For individuals: If you want to prepare yourself for the wait staff field, taking our online training course will teach you everything you need to know to be successful. Even if you've been a server for years, earning a certificate from our course will likely better your skill and increase your tips.
The Perfect Servers most important precept is to improve customer relations by improving customer service. It is the channel by which new and established restaurants may make their mark in the restaurant industry. We train wait staff to build a bridge that transcends the mediocre by establishing a firm foundation in wait staff professionalism. When wait staff feel valued, they are far more likely to project their worth in their work. Therefore, we strive to not only motivate wait staff; we arm them with the skills needed to project the professional image restaurants are seeking. 

Statistics have show that restaurants with trained wait staff earn more in revenue; restaurants experience more repeat customers; and servers earn more in tips. Statistics also show that most customer complains are do to poor customer server from wait staff and those customers will not return.
• Greeting customers
• Telephone etiquette
• Communicating with
• Handling customer complaints
• Making apologies
• Dealing with demanding
• Dealing with disgruntled
• How to deal with lingering
   tables. And much more...

Customer service:
• Knowing the essentials of the menu
• The best way to take orders
• Serving food and drinks
• Handling large parties
• Handling the rush
• How to handle service delays
• Being efficient
• Handling stress on the job
• Maintaining a positive attitude
• Collaboration among wait staff
• Cleaning and sanitizing
 And much more...
Wait staff knowledge and procedures

• Knowledgeable
• Competent
• Professional
• Improves customer
• Know what’s expected 
   of them
• Increase morale
• Increase in repeat
• And finally and most
   importantly, Increased
  And much more...

Who Pays?
Manual and Testing Information:

Our online training covers all the basics in customer service and wait staff protocol and procedures.

It will take the average person about 2 hours to read the manual and an estimated 20 to 25 minutes to take the test.

​If the test taker is unable to complete the manual, he/she may sign on at a later time to complete the training manual.
Cost for Restaurants:

The restaurant can required the new hire to pay all
cost for this training as a condition of being hired or
the restaurant may bear the cost of training for their
new hires or current employees.

Restaurants may also pay the cost of training and then 
deduct the fee from the server's first pay check.

Cost for Individuals:

If you are seeking a certificate in wait staff training and 
are not sent by a restaurant, you must bare the cost of  

Qualifications for Certification Certificate

1. Sign up for our course by clicking the link below.

2. Read The Perfect Server's Customer Service and Wait Staff Procedures Manual.

3. After reading the manual, take The Perfect Servers test.

4. The test taker must earn a score of 84% or better to earn a certificate.

5. Upon successful completion of the test, you may print out your certificate.

6. Employers: To authenticate/verify certification of the individual presenting the   
    certificate, call The Perfect Server’s offices Monday-Friday, between the hours  
    of 8 and 5.

7. Certificates are valid for a period of three (3) years. After such time, 
    the bearer of the certification must renew the certification.
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Course Fees for Restaurants and Individuals


For restaurants interested in training their wait staff employees in customer service and wait staff procedures, the cost is $30.00 per person. However, ask use about our discounted volume rates. The more wait staff you send, the more you save!


For individuals interested in earning a certificate in wait staff customer service and wait staff procedures, the cost is $30.00 per person

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